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Adding Some Flavor

Case Study: Flavor: Spice Shop & Specialty Food Market

Project Overview:

As a designer, I had the opportunity to work with Amy, the owner of Flavor, a spice shop and specialty food market located in Downtown Lees Summit, Missouri. Amy's vision for the business was to spread her love for cooking and add a touch of flavor to other people's lives.

Design Process:

The first step in the design process was to create a logo that embodied Amy's vision for her business. I presented her with a concept, which she liked, and she then hired me to continue working on the branding for her business. From there, I created a full set of branding guidelines, including typography, color palette, and imagery.

As part of our conversations about the goals of her business, Amy mentioned that she wanted to sell tickets to cooking classes. I suggested building a website to support this goal, and she agreed. We decided to use Weebly as the website builder, as it was easy for her to update and it synced easily with Square, her point of sale system.

In addition to the website, I also designed several other elements for Amy's business. I created custom labels for her olive oil and balsamic vinegar bottles, as well as wine labels for her red and white wines. I also designed the wine bottles themselves and the invitations for her wedding.

Finally, once Amy opened her deli, I designed a menu for her.


The final outcome was a cohesive and visually pleasing brand for Flavor Specialty Food Market that effectively conveyed Amy's passion for cooking and flavor. The website and other design elements I created helped support her goal of selling cooking class tickets and added value to her business. Overall, it was a pleasure to work with Amy and bring her vision to life through design.